11 Best Fun Places To Visit In Roxboro NC

Roxboro North Carolina, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Person County, offers a delightful blend of cultural attractions, outdoor adventures, and culinary delights. From the historic corridors of the Person County Museum of History to the scenic vistas of Mayo Lake Park, Roxboro invites visitors to discover its unique charm. Whether you’re seeking a family-friendly outing at Palace Pointe, a taste of local flavors at Vesuvio’s Italian Restaurant, or a tranquil retreat in nature, this guide to the 11 Best Fun Places To Visit In Roxboro NC, has something for everyone. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of experiences that make Roxboro a must-visit destination.

Person County Museum of History

Nestled in the heart of Roxboro, the Person County Museum of History is a treasure trove of local heritage. This museum showcases a rich tapestry of Person County’s past, with exhibits spanning from prehistoric artifacts to 20th-century memorabilia. Visitors can explore various historical buildings on the grounds, including a log cabin, a tobacco barn, and the Van Hook Subscription School, providing a tangible connection to bygone eras. The museum’s dedication to preserving and presenting local history makes it an ideal destination for history buffs and families alike. With its diverse collection and engaging displays, the Person County Museum of History offers a compelling glimpse into the cultural and historical fabric of Roxboro.

Location: 309 N Main St, Roxboro, NC

Hours: Tuesday – Friday: 10 am – 4 pm, Saturday: 10 am – 2 pm

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Palace Pointe

Palace Pointe

Palace Pointe stands as a premier entertainment hub in Roxboro. This multifaceted complex caters to all ages, offering a bowling alley, arcade games, a roller skating rink, and a movie theater. The family-friendly atmosphere is perfect for birthday parties, group events, or a day out with friends and family. The on-site diner and snack bars ensure that visitors can refuel with delicious food and beverages. Palace Pointe’s movie theater, featuring the latest blockbusters, adds to the allure, making it a perfect spot for movie enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking to bowl a few games, skate to your favorite tunes, or enjoy the latest film, Palace Pointe promises a fun-filled experience for everyone.

Location: 5050 Durham Rd, Roxboro, NC

Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 12 pm – 9 pm, Friday – Saturday: 12 pm – 11 pm

Open Kettle

Open Kettle, a beloved local diner in Roxboro, is renowned for its hearty breakfasts and classic American lunch fare. The cozy, welcoming ambiance, coupled with friendly service, makes it a favorite among locals and visitors. Known for its fluffy pancakes, savory omelets, and delicious burgers, Open Kettle is the go-to place for a satisfying meal. The diner prides itself on using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, ensuring each dish is of the highest quality. Whether you’re starting your day with a traditional breakfast or enjoying a leisurely lunch, Open Kettle offers a taste of classic American comfort food in a warm and inviting setting.

Location: 840 N Madison Blvd, Roxboro, NC

Hours: Monday – Saturday: 6 am – 2 pm, Sunday Closed


Roxboro Square

Roxboro Square, located in the heart of the city, is a bustling hub of activity and culture. This charming area is lined with a variety of shops, restaurants, and local businesses, making it a perfect spot for a leisurely stroll or a day of shopping. The square often hosts community events, outdoor concerts, and seasonal festivals, adding to its vibrant atmosphere. With its blend of historic architecture and modern amenities, Roxboro Square is not only a center of commerce but also a gathering place for the community. Whether you’re exploring unique boutiques, dining at local eateries, or simply soaking in the lively ambiance, Roxboro Square offers a delightful experience for visitors of all ages.

Location: 103 N Main St, Roxboro, NC

Hours: Open 24 hours

Vesuvio’s Italian Restaurant

Vesuvio’s Italian Restaurant is a culinary gem in Roxboro, offering authentic Italian cuisine in a warm and elegant setting. Known for its homemade pasta, wood-fired pizzas, and classic Italian dishes, Vesuvio’s provides a delightful dining experience. The restaurant’s commitment to using fresh, high-quality ingredients is evident in every dish, from the savory lasagna to the mouth-watering tiramisu. The cozy ambiance, combined with exceptional service, makes Vesuvio’s an ideal location for a romantic dinner, family gathering, or a casual meal with friends. Whether you’re a fan of Italian food or looking to try something new, Vesuvio’s Italian Restaurant promises a memorable and delicious culinary journey.

Location: 1049 Durham Rd, Roxboro, NC

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 11 am – 9 pm, Sunday – Monday Closed

Hopper’s Poppers

Hopper’s Poppers is a delightful snack shop in Roxboro, specializing in gourmet popcorn. This quaint store offers a wide array of flavors, ranging from classic buttery popcorn to unique combinations like caramel apple and cheddar jalapeño. Each batch is freshly made, ensuring a perfect balance of flavor and crunch. The shop’s colorful and inviting interior, along with the irresistible aroma of popcorn, makes it a must-visit spot for snack lovers. Whether you’re looking for a tasty treat to enjoy while exploring Roxboro or seeking a unique gift, Hopper’s Poppers provides a fun and flavorful experience that caters to all palates.

Location: 207 S Main St, Roxboro, NC

Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10 am – 6 pm, Sunday Closed

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Kirby Cultural Arts Complex

The Kirby Cultural Arts Complex is a cornerstone of the arts scene in Roxboro. This venue houses an art gallery, a theater, and hosts a variety of cultural events, including art exhibitions, live performances, and educational workshops. The gallery showcases the work of local and regional artists, providing a platform for creative expression and community engagement. The theater, with its intimate setting, is ideal for enjoying plays, concerts, and dance performances. The Kirby Cultural Arts Complex’s dedication to promoting the arts makes it a key destination for those seeking cultural enrichment and artistic inspiration in Roxboro.

Location: 213 N Main St, Roxboro, NC

Hours: Monday – Friday: 1 pm – 5 pm, Saturday – Sunday Closed

Rockness Monster

The Rockness Monster is an innovative outdoor adventure park in Roxboro, offering an exhilarating experience for thrill-seekers and nature enthusiasts. This park features a variety of high ropes courses, zip lines, and climbing structures, set amidst the scenic beauty of North Carolina’s wilderness. The courses cater to different skill levels, ensuring a fun and challenging adventure for all ages. The Rockness Monster’s focus on safety, combined with its stunning natural surroundings, provides an ideal environment for building confidence, enjoying the outdoors, and creating lasting memories with family and friends.

Location: 115 Rockness Dr, Roxboro, NC

Hours: Monday – Sunday: 9 am – 5 pm

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Longhurst Park

Longhurst Park is a serene and beautiful green space in Roxboro, offering a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The park features well-maintained walking trails, a playground, picnic areas, and a fishing pond, making it a perfect spot for outdoor activities and relaxation. The scenic landscape, with its lush greenery and peaceful ambiance, is ideal for a leisurely walk, a family picnic, or a quiet afternoon of fishing. Longhurst Park’s commitment to providing a clean, safe, and welcoming environment makes it a cherished destination for locals and visitors seeking a natural retreat within the city.

Location: 25 Village St, Roxboro, NC

Hours: Monday – Sunday: 8 am – 8 pm

Mayo Lake Park

Mayo Lake Park is a picturesque outdoor destination in Roxboro, known for its stunning lake and abundant recreational opportunities. The park offers a range of activities, including boating, fishing, swimming, and hiking. With its well-equipped campgrounds, picnic areas, and playgrounds, Mayo Lake Park is an ideal spot for a day trip or a camping adventure. The park’s natural beauty, with its clear waters and wooded shores, provides a peaceful setting for wildlife observation and photography. Whether you’re seeking adventure on the water or a quiet spot to relax and enjoy nature, Mayo Lake Park is a must-visit location for outdoor enthusiasts.

Location: 1013 Neal’s Store Rd, Roxboro, NC

Hours: Monday – Sunday: 8 am – 8 pm

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Tunnel Creek Vineyards

Tunnel Creek Vineyards, nestled in the picturesque countryside of Roxboro, is a boutique winery known for its exquisite wines and charming ambiance. This family-owned vineyard offers a range of locally produced wines, from refreshing whites to robust reds. Visitors can enjoy wine tastings in the elegant tasting room or relax on the outdoor patio overlooking the vineyards. The vineyard often hosts live music events and wine-pairing dinners, adding to the overall experience. Tunnel Creek Vineyards’ commitment to quality and its serene setting make it a perfect destination for wine lovers and those looking to enjoy a peaceful day in the countryside.

Location: 229 Tunnel Creek Rd, Roxboro, NC

Hours: Friday – Sunday: 12 pm – 6 pm

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Roxboro North Carolina, with its eclectic mix of historical sites, recreational parks, and culinary hotspots, truly offers a memorable experience for every kind of traveler. From the adrenaline-fueled adventures at Rockness Monster to the serene beauty of Longhurst Park and the exquisite wines of Tunnel Creek Vineyards, there’s an endless array of activities to explore. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, nature lover, foodie, or just looking for a fun day out, Roxboro’s diverse attractions ensure a visit filled with enjoyable and enriching experiences. So pack your bags and set out to explore the charm and wonders of Roxboro, a city that promises to captivate your heart.