Whether your vacation in New York will be one day or one week, discover not only the main things to see but the best routes, to better organize your days in New York with things to see and where to eat. There are dozens of places of interest to see in New York, but even if you go to the Big Apple only for a day, don’t forget to discover Manhattan, and the attractions you absolutely must not miss.

Things to see in Manhattan New York on one-day Itinerary

You can reach Manhattan by taking a train to Penn Station Newyork. If you have many bags then first store your bags at Cubby’s luggage storage near Penn Station Newyork. Cubby provides secure baggage storage facilities in all major cities in the USA. You can book your storage in advance before reaching Penn Station New York. Let’s check the places that you can visit if you have only one day in Manhattan, New York.

Visit Empire State Building

Manhattan has a symbol, which is also the symbol of New York. For many years it was unrivaled: the Empire State Building was the tallest skyscraper in the Western world before being surpassed by the Twin Towers and later by the Freedom Tower in 2014. It is undoubtedly the most famous building in the city, where you climb King Kong and the one where the super romantic encounter between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan takes place.

Lost in Contemporary art at Chelsea

Once a center for textiles and retail, Manhattan’s affluent Chelsea neighborhood has since become a mecca for contemporary art and is home to New York’s top-rated galleries. The old fabric warehouses that once stood along the Hudson River have been converted and restored to become trendy hotels, offices, galleries, and clubs.

View Manhattan from the top of the One World Trade Center

In place of the Twin Towers, struck in the famous attack of September 11, 2001, the silhouette of the One World Trade Center now dominates the skyline of Lower Manhattan, also known unofficially as the Freedom Tower. It is 541 meters high, or 1776 feet – in honor of the date of the Declaration of Independence, and from the observatory on the 101st floor, you will have a wonderful view of the Manhattan neighborhood.

Times Square- the most famous intersection

Another great symbol of Manhattan could not be missing, namely Times Square, the most famous intersection in the world, which takes its name from the New York Times. It is located between Broadway and Seventh Avenue and is completely lined with neon billboards and neon signs for 24 hours a day. Times Square never gets dark, and over the years, it has gradually transformed into a super sparkling mega-mall that is always open.

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Relax at the East Village and enjoy food of your taste in the best restaurants

From the chaos of Times Square, we now move to the relaxed East Village neighborhood, historically the center of underground culture, where art and music are breathed. The heart of the neighborhood is St. Marks Place, but there are no great attractions: let’s say that you come to the East Village just to savor the atmosphere, getting lost in the streets with low red brick houses full of restaurants of all kinds, music venues, tattoo, piercing and special clothing shops.

Manhattan is the most visited neighborhood in the city, an icon, and it is so well known that many confuse New York with Manhattan.