Top 10 Must-Try Dishes When Traveling to India

India is known as a country for its diversity where Indian food is world-famous for its taste and it comes as a big statement. Indian dishes are as varied as the nation itself. Due to this, there is no doubt to call Indian food a  barbecue for a tongue. Every species has its exotic flavours which not only give your taste buds paradise but also a healthy treat with incredible taste and nutrition. The diversity in ‘Must-Try Dishes When Traveling to India’ reflects the varied culinary traditions of this vibrant country.

Here in this article, you will get to know about the delicious top 10 must-try dishes when traveling to India. Also would let you know India is the big bowl for the best tasty and Healthy veggies food items. For more Indian dishes and International flavors, you should visit a good food travel blog.

Glimpse of Delicious Dishes must be tried when traveling in India

Pani Puri / GolGappe

Gol Gappe or Panipuri is the one of favorite dishes for all Indians and is considered to be the most pervasive street food in India. It is known by multiple names in distinct parts of the country such as Panipuri in Maharashtra, Puchka in Kolkata, and Pani Batashi in Madhya Pradesh. The taste and flavours of this dish are changed by towns and cities just like the diversity in each state of India. It has crunchy puri stuffed with boiled potatoes and different spices dip the puri in flavoured water which varies from state to state or street vendors.  

Masala Dosa

When it comes to trying dishes in India, never miss the staple food of South India called Masala Dosa. Dosa looks like a pancake which is made from rice flour and stuffed with masala of boiled potatoes, onion, and spices, and served with sambhar or coconut chutney. One of the best things about this dish is you can consume it any time as morning breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 


The most wonderful gourmet snack in India is only called Chaat. Chaat can be considered to be the savory snack and king of all dishes. Everyone would commonly like to try this dish as a starter. It includes distinct chutneys, tons of sweetened yogurt, and combination of diced potato, and many more crispy snacks in one plate. 

North -Indian cuisine

North Indian cuisine includes a variety of paneer dishes that are served with different kinds of breads. Paneer can be used to make a dish by adding different spices like tomato, onion, capsicum, garlic, green chillis, and other spices mixed and make a flavored dish that can served with different types of bread such as tandoori Roti, Naan, Rumali Roti, Lachha Parathas, and many more. Paneer can be cooked with spinach gravy which is so yummy and named “Palak Panner” a must-try dish in India. 

Sweet Desserts: Jalebi / Kheer / Gajar ka Halwa

Every meal in India is incomplete without desserts. Kheer is the so yummy, healthy, and tempting dessert that can also used as a “Prashad” in any holistic pooja in India. Apart from Kheer, Jalebi is called desi mithai which is round with a sweet juicy taste. You can also complete your meal with the dessert of Gajar Ka Halwa which is so delicious and as much as healthy because it is made from carrots, Ghee, and a mixture of dry fruits. 


Parathas are considered to be the victor of breakfast in India. It is often a dish that can enjoyed very first in the morning by Indians. There are different types of paratha you must try when you travel to India, such as Aloo paratha, methi paratha, gobi paratha, and many more but  Aloo Paratha is one of the delicious and most favorite dishes in Parathas.  


Dhokla is the most famous dish of Gujarat, especially Gujaratis are most likely to cook dhokla considered a traditional cuisine of northwest India. This Gujarati dish is so delicious that it can served for morning breakfast and side snacks and eaten with spicy green chili and coriander chutney. 


Lassi is the most famous drink of Punjab state in India. Its taste is sweet and very helpful to be chilled in the day’s summer. It helps to keep cool and hydrated in hot weather. Milky drink with a thick layer of malai on top. It can be served with different flavors such as rose sweet, mango, plain salty sweet lasi. One should try this last drink when traveling to India.  


Samosa is something people can enjoy as a snack at any time and there is no doubt that Samosa is the favorite dish for all Indians. It is a triangle in the shape of wheat flour and stuffed with boiled potatoes, and green chilies, and served with tea or chutney. 

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Rajma Chawal

Rajma Chawal is the most famous authentic dish which is simple to cook, delicious in taste, and healthy in diet. It is a platter having rice and Sabji of Rajma with different spices added to give the best flavor and served with a tablespoon of Ghee. 

Above are so many delicious and tempting dishes of India you must try when traveling to India.