Investigating Flight Safety: Is Sun Country Airlines Safe?

Travelers are understandably concerned about the safety of the airlines they choose to fly. Safety is one of the most critical aspects when it comes to air travel. In this article, we take an in-depth look at one of the popular air carriers in the United States: Sun Country Airlines. The main question we aim to address is, “Is Sun Country Airlines safe?” 

Sun Country Airlines: Tracing its Roots and Growth

Sun Country Airlines has been serving passengers since 1982 when it was established by a group of ex-employees from Braniff International Airways. Over the years, the ownership of the company has changed hands, until 2011, when it came under the control of the New York-based private equity firm, Apollo Global Management. The airline fleet includes 33 aircraft, prominently Boeing 737-800s and 737-700s.

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Evaluating the Downsides of Sun Country Airlines

Like any service, Sun Country Airlines has received mixed feedback. Some travelers have reported less-than-satisfactory experiences, citing various reasons, such as:

Inadequate Customer Support

Reports of poor customer service at Sun Country Airlines have occasionally surfaced, with travelers finding the support unhelpful or unsympathetic when faced with issues or queries.

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Additional Baggage Costs

Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the extra fees for both checked and carry-on baggage, terming the policy as unclear and pricey.

Flight Delays

Flight delays are a common occurrence in the aviation industry. Sun Country Airlines also experiences delays, which can cause inconvenience for passengers who might require prompt updates and information.

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Comfort Concerns

Several passengers have raised concerns about the comfort level onboard Sun Country flights. Complaints often center around the uncomfortable seats, insufficient legroom, and poor food quality.

Cancellation and Change Fees

The airline charges for changes and cancellations, which can prove burdensome for customers having to amend their plans unexpectedly.

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Is Sun Country Airlines Safe?

Sun Country Airlines is a Minnesota-based low-cost airline, which has been operational since 1983. It’s built a reputation on affordability, and it’s often the go-to choice for travelers seeking budget-friendly options. However, it is important to remember that low cost does not equate to compromised safety. So, when asking, “Is Sun Country Airlines safe?” we delve into several aspects, including the airline’s safety records, fleet maintenance, and crew training procedures.

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Sun Country Airlines Safety Records

The first element to consider when asking, “Is Sun Country Airlines safe?” is to look at its safety records. Safety records can give an indication of an airline’s commitment to security and passenger safety.

Sun Country Airlines has an impressive safety record. Over the years, there have been no major accidents or safety incidents involving this airline, which is a testament to their commitment to safety and security. The airline’s excellent track record in this aspect certainly strengthens the affirmative response to our primary question, “Is Sun Country Airlines safe?”

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Fleet Maintenance and Airworthiness

An airline’s commitment to fleet maintenance is another crucial aspect of safety. Sun Country Airlines operates a fleet of Boeing 737 Next Generation aircraft, which are known for their safety and reliability.

The airline has rigorous maintenance protocols in place, ensuring their aircraft are in optimal condition. Routine inspections and regular maintenance are key to guaranteeing that every Sun Country flight is as safe as possible. 

Crew Training and Professionalism 

An airline is only as good as its crew. Sun Country Airlines invests heavily in its crew, ensuring they are not just competent, but also trained to handle emergencies effectively.

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Their pilots go through rigorous training and are required to have a specific number of flight hours before they can command a Sun Country flight. Cabin crew members are also extensively trained in safety procedures and emergency protocol, assuring passengers’ safety and comfort at all times. 

Regulatory Compliance

Lastly, Sun Country Airlines is under the supervision of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and has consistently met the safety standards set by this regulatory body. This adherence to regulations further solidifies the assurance we have in answering the question, “Is Sun Country Airlines safe?”

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Assessing the safety of an airline involves scrutinizing various aspects such as safety records, fleet maintenance, crew training, and customer experiences. Sun Country Airlines, a popular low-cost carrier, has showcased a strong commitment to safety, reflected in their impressive safety record and rigorous fleet maintenance practices. While there have been customer complaints regarding service, delays, and fees, these experiences vary greatly among passengers. Overall, when asking “Is Sun Country Airlines safe?”, we can confidently affirm, considering their safety measures and protocols in place. However, prospective passengers should conduct personal research and consider various reviews to make a well-informed decision about their travel.


1. What is the safety record of Sun Country Airlines?

   Sun Country Airlines boasts an impressive safety record with no major incidents or accidents in its history, demonstrating a strong commitment to passenger safety.

2. How well-maintained is the Sun Country Airlines fleet?

   Sun Country Airlines operates a fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft, which undergo regular inspections and rigorous maintenance to ensure optimal condition and safety.

3. How competent is the crew at Sun Country Airlines?

   The crew at Sun Country Airlines is highly trained, with pilots and cabin crew members undergoing rigorous training in safety procedures and emergency protocol.

4. How does Sun Country Airlines handle flight delays?

   Like any airline, Sun Country can experience flight delays. They strive to provide timely updates and information to the affected passengers, but some customers have reported frustration with delays.

5. Does Sun Country Airlines charge extra fees for baggage?

   Yes, Sun Country Airlines charges extra fees for checked and carry-on bags. Some customers find these charges to be confusing and expensive.

6. What has been the customer experience with Sun Country Airlines?

   Customer experiences with Sun Country Airlines are mixed. While many customers have had positive experiences, some have reported issues with customer service, flight delays, baggage fees, and comfort onboard.