How & Why to Charter an Airline Flight When You’ve Never Flown Before

When you charter an airline flight, especially if you’ve never flown before, you’ll discover a world of high-end travel that stands apart from standard commercial flights. If you’ve never flown before, then you may not know that chartering a flight provides the luxury of high-end travel. Unlike scheduled flights, you are in control of every detail of your trip including departure/arrival times and in-flight amenities.


Chartering an aircraft can be an invaluable way of staying productive on the go. By traveling at your own schedule and not waiting around for other passengers or risking missing flights due to delays, private jets provide the freedom and productivity boost needed for efficient travel.

As part of booking a charter flight, it is crucial that you understand all charges associated with your journey. A reputable broker should provide an itemized breakdown of costs related to each hour of flight time; aircraft fuel usage, crew costs and operating expenses. According to this link, fuel usage fluctuates due to global supply/demand dynamics so it’s wise to remain flexible with pricing while staying abreast of market fluctuations.

Your charter costs depend heavily on when and where you fly; peak seasons often incur higher prices due to increased demand; off-peak flights could save up to 20% or more in fuel costs alone! In addition, other important cost considerations include the distance between the departure airport and the plane’s base location as well as whether your journey involves multiple legs.

Another is using a helicopter, providing greater maneuverability to access remote locations. Sometimes they are even capable of landing where airplanes cannot, making them the optimal solution. No matter which aircraft type is chosen for charter flights, all should be covered with insurance to provide protection against damage to aircraft and crew as well as liability coverage for passengers – although this additional expense will bring peace of mind!


Charter flights provide you with an intimate travel experience as you are the only passengers and crew on board, unlike commercial flights where passengers sit together with strangers. Though private jets may not always be accessible to the general public, there are a few types of charter flights which may be:

Air charter companies will often send an itinerary via email prior to your flight, which details information about the aircraft and crew members. If you have any reservations about how this information is protected, make sure that your charter company explains its approach to protecting customer privacy.

Private jets can be tracked using GPS. However, on-demand charters like those from Air Transport International provide anonymity as they are not linked to one aircraft in particular. This makes this type of travel ideal for people seeking privacy or security for business or family reasons.

Read over any privacy policy you may find that details how your decided-upon company utilizes and safeguards any information provided when visiting this website. Read any of the material carefully in order to understand our use of any Personal Data you give them, which may be a lot – as this may change from time to time.

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Safety & Reliability

Air safety should never be taken for granted, yet it’s important to remember that charter flights are among the safest forms of non-commercial flying due to closer oversight from the FAA, as well as more professional aircraft and pilots, used on these flights.

Charter airlines must abide by all relevant regulations, so it’s wise to inspect their records prior to booking a flight with them. Ask about safety standards, audit history, and accident/regulatory violation history.

Charter flights differ from regular airlines by departing from private facilities known as fixed-base operators ( ), meaning you don’t have to wait in long lines at busy airports and can arrive quickly before your flight departs. Many FBOs provide personal drivers who take you directly to your plane for maximum convenience.

The NTSB strongly urges that the FAA create regulations for charter aviation ventures more in line with those for airlines, which represent the safest segment of civilian flying. You can play a big role in supporting this effort by choosing companies that exceed minimum requirements or go “beyond minimum,” as suggested by the NTSB.

Before hiring any charter operator, be sure to inquire about its Part 135 certificate and audit results, whether it has a safety management system and flight data recording programs, which organizations they belong to, and any flights with other aircraft they broker for charter flights. If they do broker flights using other planes as well as yours.

One of the key elements to consider when choosing an airline operator is pilot experience and training. Pilot error is one of the leading causes of airplane accidents; choosing an operator with rigorous flight training requirements for its crew members can help mitigate risk.

Maintenance and inspections should also be considered, with proven operators using quality equipment that is regularly serviced and tested. It’s also wise to verify whether an operator adheres to proper safety protocols, such as background checks for employees as well as security systems at hangars where the aircraft are kept and ID verification of passengers.