How to Plan a Perfect Vacation in Sevierville

Whether planning a relaxing getaway or a full-blown mountain adventure, Sevierville has something for every mood. Located in the foothills of the majestic Smokys, Sevierville is a city filled with excitement and many new experiences. It’s the perfect vacation spot for everyone, from solo travelers to couples and large groups. 

The city is a drive away from the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. It is the premier shopping destination located in the heart of The Smokys, with an authentic downtown area.

Five Ways to Plan the Perfect Vacation

Today we bring you the best ways to build the perfect travel itinerary for your trip to Sevierville. Keep scrolling to learn more!

1. Find the Right Accommodation

Before looking at the attractions available, you must first figure out your living situation. In Sevierville, you can find lodging options for every budget, but the key is to book your spots at your earliest, especially if you’re tight on budget and planning to travel during the holiday season.

Most people prefer to camp out close to nature and beautiful mountains. Plenty of cabins are available in the area. Ranging from 2-bedroom to 5-bedrooms, these cabins can accommodate up to 18 people at a time, never compromising privacy. Moreover, Sevierville cabins have a cozy home-like feel and plenty of amenities that will make your mountain vacation unforgettable. 

The location should be your first consideration when looking for a suitable cabin. Carefully consider whether you want something in the heart of the mountains, the bustling city center, or somewhere in the middle. Another thing to consider is the size of your party and amenities. An online search can help you find the best cabin in the city!

2. Find Out About Popular Attractions

Sevierville has a lot to offer regarding attractions to see and activities to enjoy. The city boasts interesting museums, fun-filled amusement parks, and natural wondersLearning about the attractions in the city is essential to plan the perfect vacation. You can find detailed information about the attractions on the official tourism site of the city. For further help, users also have access to the Route4Me app, which makes it easy to quickly plan out the best route to follow to visit the major attractions in the city. Some of the most popular attractions include:

The deer farm and petting zoo

The petting zoo is one of the most popular family attractions. It’s a great place to spend some time petting and feeding the cutest animals, including ponies, horses, goats, deer, and even kangaroos. Children and adults can also enjoy horseback riding here.

Forbidden Caverns

Tennessee has the most registered U.S. caverns, with the Forbidden Caverns near Sevierville being the most popular cavers in the state. You can avail of the available tours to learn more about these natural wonders. The routes are fitted with railings and lighting to guarantee your safety.

The Aviation Museums

This is one of the must-see destinations in the area. Located near the airport run, the museum features restored warplanes. You can meet war veterans and listen to them talk about their experiences.  

3. Look at interesting ways to tour around

From good old bus tours to thrilling helicopter tours, there are many different ways to tour the city and its surroundings. Two of the most popular tours include:

Ridge Runner Smoky Mountain Helicopter Tour

This fifteen-minute helicopter excursion displays the undulating beauty of the Great Smokys. It’s a fantastic way to get an aerial view of the surrounding mountain ranges while flying across the cities of Sevierville and Pigeon Forge. 

Famous Moonshine & Wine Tour of The Smokys

Enjoy sampling signature Tennessee wines at this guided vineyards and moonshine distilleries tour. You can tour the best distilleries in Sevierville and surrounding towns. The tour makes for a pleasant and interesting trip from Pigeon Forge.

Scenic Helicopter Tour of Wears Valley

The tour covers the iconic Wears valley and the Great Smokys via a helicopter from a high vantage point. The eighteen-minute tour flies you over the surrounding mountain ranges and Walden’s Creek, and you can learn more about these landmarks via your pilot’s commentary.

4. Look at family-friendly activities

There is so much to do in town that you won’t feel bored for a moment. Knowing the best activities in town will help you plan your travel itinerary better. The most popular places with outdoor activities include:

Adventure Park Ziplines

Adventure Park Ziplines offers a unique view of the Smokys, and it is a popular and safe vacation activity. The 70-acre park has seven 2,500-foot zip lines and 100-foot-high panoramas. For the greatest experience, zipline at night; this tour will have you zooming between towers while enjoying the pristine night view.

NASCAR SpeedPark

When in Sevierville, visiting the NASCAR speed park is a must! More than twenty attractions are located at this racetrack, including eight go-kart tracks, and they offer single-day and 7-day holiday passes.  It’s the perfect place for thrill-seekers as it features many exciting attractions, such as wall climbing and bumper boats.

5. Don’t forget to consider your dining options

Lastly, don’t forget to consider the best restaurants in the area to get the taste of the most-authentic Sevierville cuisine. Even though the surrounding areas of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge may offer more variety of restaurants, that doesn’t mean Sevierville won’t have some hidden gems. Some of the best dinners in the city include:

Hickory Cabin Seasoning Co

If you like southern BBQ, this eatery is a must-visit. Here you’ll find the greatest BBQ with classic sides like corn pudding or collard greens. They also have a great selection of sandwiches to steaks.

Frank Allen’s

Frank Allen’s is a hidden gem among the eateries here. It has the best burger that you can customize according to your preferences. They also serve the greatest hot dogs and coleslaw.

Tequila Spice

The best Mexican place serves classical Mexican dishes and fan-favorites TexMex. You can get all your Mexican favorites, from spicy fajitas to mouth-watering quesadillas and tacos.

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Final Thoughts

Sevierville, Tennessee, is a small mountain city featuring the stunning backdrop of the Smokys with gorgeous scenery and fascinating heritage. There is a wide range of entertainment and sightseeing options available. If you prefer a bustling atmosphere, the parkway is where all the action happens, but if you want some peace, downtown is your jam!

You can try unique tours, enjoy different outdoor activities, and check out delicious diners.  Planning the perfect vacation involves looking at the best places in the city and deciding on activities you want the most with your loved ones. Consider the above points to make the most of your vacation to Sevierville.