Hit the Road in Style

“Road trips aren’t just about the miles, but the memories,” Unknown Source. And if you’re in the market for something more than your run-of-the-mill highway jaunt, luxury road-tripping is where it’s at. Hit the Road in Style and create unforgettable memories. We’re talking about those high-end, roll-down-the-windows, breeze-in-your-hair kind of adventures that celebrities have a hand in designing. With options like Aman and Quasar Expeditions offering trips through Argentina and Chile, the idea is to soak up the sights at a leisurely pace. Whether you’re cruising through bustling cities or meandering down time-worn rural paths, the journey is just as stunning as the destination.

A Celebrity Spin on the Classic Road Trip

Ready for a top-tier trek through Westchester County all the way up to Vermont? Architectural Digest gives us the lowdown: kick off this classy escapade at the Bedford Post Inn, where Richard Gere and his crew have been calling the shots since ’07. Next stop? Winvian Farm in Connecticut, where the stay is anything but ordinary with its unique wooden cabins and a lone suite to tuck into. After you’ve recharged, why not jaunt over to Newport to peek at America’s Gilded Age glory at Castle Hill Inn? Fun fact: It used to be a summer getaway for a marine biologist turned hotel after the war and even played host to Grace Kelly. The grand finale? Twin Farms in Vermont, sprawling over 300 acres of pure elegance.

Taking the Wheel with Aman and Quasar

Aman Driving Journeys is all about that first-class feel without skimping on the coziness. Stationed at fancy Aman spots in landscapes that’ll have you gawking—from Morocco to Japan—each locale puts its own spin on the drive. For those with a need for speed, Amanemu near Ago Bay has you covered with laps around the Suzuka Circuit Grand Prix track, as per Travel and Leisure. You can ship your own ride over or pick from the likes of BMWs, Ferraris, or beefy minivans that laugh in the face of off-road challenges. No sweat on the navigation; they hand you an iPhone loaded with everything you need for smooth sailing. And if the unexpected happens, there’s always a backup SUV ready to tow and keep the good times rolling.

Adventure Across the Americas

Flip the script and head from the Old World to the New with Quasar Expeditions’ Patagonia Revealed Safari. It’s a choose-your-own-adventure deal in Chile and Argentina’s mountain majesty. Drive yourself or let a guide do the heavy lifting. Highlighted stops? The massive Perito Moreno Glacier where adventure is spelled with a capital ‘A’, and the fossil-rich Sierra Baguales. The pit stops are nothing short of plush, with boutique hotels like Tierra Patagonia Hotel and Spa near Torres del Paine, or Eolo Lodge in Argentina’s El Calafate, which promise regional flair and a chance to dive deep into the local vibe before hitting the road again.

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The Perks of Posh Road Tripping

Luxury road trips take the hassle out of travel. Forget about the frantic rush to catch flights, the endless packing, or missing your home comforts. You’re surrounded by rustic beauty with all the trimmings of luxury, thanks to some stellar private operators. So, lean into those unhurried escapades and craft some memories that’ll stick longer than the miles on the odometer.