Guided Tours In India: What Is The Best Itinerary To Choose

India is a wonderful country full of diversity, magic, and extraordinary landscapes. Every aspect of this country is matched by the cultural architecture and magnificent history that will make you fall in love with it instantly.

However, planning a trip to India requires a lot of time, research, and organization. Even experienced travelers prefer having their trip organized and well-structured. And what’s the best way to do that than to book a guided tour in India?

We have provided some helpful tips and recommendations on how to choose the best itinerary and have a sense of safety and security throughout the entire trip. Also, we’ll mention a couple of India itineraries that explore various parts of the country so you can decide which one is the best.

Explore North India

While as a traveler who travels India from the northern regions, it’s important to decide which places to visit and how to organize your itinerary. India is a big country and has many tourist and remote places that attract many visitors annually, so make sure you book an escorted tour and visit cities like Delhi and Calcutta while being in the north part of the country.

Then, you can visit the Taj Mahal and take a cruise on the Gange River, walk around the streets of Old and New Delhi and visit some of the beautiful villages in Rajasthan. Most India tours offer similar itineraries for the north parts, so decide your starting point and head off on an adventure!

The northern tour can continue to the city of Agra and the magnificent Taj Mahal. This temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most popular tourist attractions in India. If you decide to visit Agra, you can also enjoy the gardens, tombs, temples, and mosques that represent the remains and ruling of the Mughal Empire.

A Tour To Mumbai

Mumbai is also known as the “City of Dreams,” famous for its extreme and fast pace living standards. It’s the home of the Bollywood film industry and an extremely diverse and joyful city. It has an energetic vibe and unforgettable nightlife, so make sure you book a guided tour to Mumbai and enjoy the prominent attractions like the Gateway of India or the eclectic markets.

The guided tour will take you to the large malls, the center of the city, Elephanta caves, etc. There might be additional places you can visit with this tour, depending on the company that offers it and the duration of the tour.

A Tour To The South Part Of India

A tour to the south of India will take you from one coast to another, where you can discover gorgeous temples, beautiful gardens, and scenic towns. You can visit the town of Calicut, which is the main trading point, and head off to Cochin, where you can explore Fort Cochin and Mattancherry and observe the European influence in the cities.

Places you can explore on a South India Tour include:

  • Visit the Mamallapuram rock cave temples;
  • Bangalore, known as the Indian Silicon Valley;
  • Relax on the Kovalam Beach on the Arabian Sea Coast; and
  • Explore the city of Madurai on a bike.

Next, you can marvel through Alleppey and take hundreds of pics of the lagoons, fringed canals, and picturesque lakes, then enjoy a cruise through Kerala. Taking a tour of the southern part of India will allow you to discover ancient temples and admire mesmerizing landscapes, so make the booking now!

We need to mention that the sites you’ll visit on the guided tour will depend on the type of tour you book or the company that offers the services!

The Golden Triangle

You will often hear about a tour called “The Golden Triangle” offered by many travel agencies. It’s a tour that explores the beauty of Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi, royal cities known for their fascinating landmarks and breathtaking streets.

On this tour, you will learn more about Indian history, buy souvenirs from the bustling markets, see extravagant palaces and visit tourist attractions like Jama Masjid, the Red Ford, and the India Gate. The Golden Triangle tour takes you to the Northern part of India; however, it has different amenities than the Northern guided tour.

Sites you’ll visit:

  • Qutub Minar – the tallest minaret in the world made of bricks;
  • Taj Mahal;
  • The Amber Fort in Jaipur;

These are the main attractions; nevertheless, you can visit less popular places and ancient temples along the way (depending on the tour and the agency that offers the tour).

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Choose Your Tour

We’ve covered a couple of guided tours you can explore further and decide which one to choose based on your preferences. India is a big country and has plenty to offer, so visiting it all will take you a lifetime! Make sure you discover the best of India for an unforgettable experience.