From Chasing Glaciers to Huskies: Your Ultimate Juneau Adventure with Alaska Shore Tours 

You’ve just booked your Alaskan cruise in anticipation of exploring the great state’s abundant nature and wildlife. While this prospect is exciting, the multitude of all its available amenities might seem overwhelming. Dive into your ultimate Juneau adventure with Alaska Shore Tours to seamlessly experience the best of this icy wonderland. Alaska Shore Tours assists travelers by supplying a “one-stop shop” for all the must-sees and must-dos along the shore. Encompassing the best of Alaskan culture, you won’t want to miss the excitement each excursion has to offer! 

Let’s begin with Juneau, Alaska’s capital city, historically recognized and valued for its stunning attractions. Nestled between snow-capped mountain tops, Juneau is a charming sea-port city with a maze of narrow streets that wind past mom-and-pop shops, quaint houses, and early 19th-century architecture. From glacier caves to the Alpine wilderness, there’s an adventure fit for all, unveiling the state’s beauty and allure. 

Are you interested in the views of colossal icefields? Then, Juneau helicopter tours are the right fit for you! Soar through the airspace above glaciers of the Juneau Icefield, such as the Herbert or the Mendenhall Glacier. After admiring the icescapes from afar, your experienced pilot will touch down on the glacier itself, allowing you to step out and feel the ancient frozen paths beneath your feet. 

Depending on your tour of choice, you’ll be able to trek, hike, and even ice climb, exploring the icy world surrounded by glittering sights of the surrounding white peaks. Your trip will be accompanied by tour specialists who will not only teach you important safety measures but also the history and geology of the treasured icefields. 

Experience the Juneau helicopter tours by itself or accompanied by other exciting activities. Juneau dog sledding, for example, provides visitors with a shiny package of Alaskan staples in one trip. Fly over the icy plains, landing on the Herbert Glacier where your pack of huskies awaits to escort you through Alaskan nature. Your professional musher will explain the ins and outs of mushing life, revealing the true traditions of the northern state coupled with awe-inspiring scenery. 

Ride on the runner or comfortably seat yourself inside the sled. It’s your choice which adventure you’d like! Conclude your journey at the dog camp, where you’ll be able to get to know your furry guides and snap a photo with the pooches in traditional Iditarod Trail dog sled gear. 

Afraid of heights? Don’t worry! Skip the helicopter, and take a short drive from the city to Douglas Island to meet your friendly team of pups. Hop on, and the dogs will pull you down trails of the Tongass National Forest or the frosty paths of the Norris Glacier. You’ll find a

plethora of wildlife, beautiful mountain views, and glacier caves during your ride. Have your cameras ready, as the end of the voyage finishes with a nature walk, bringing about multiple photo ops. 

That’s not all Alaska Shore Tours has to offer in the beautiful city of Juneau. Don’t forget to check out one of the highlights of Alaskan wildlife with Juneau whale watching. Sail through the Inside Passage on a 3-hour journey where sightings of humpback whales are always guaranteed and never disappointing. You’ll also want to be on the lookout for other captivating wildlife such as eagles, orcas, seals, sea lions, and black bears. 

Follow your Juneau whale-watching excursion with a Mendenhall Glacier tour. Afterwards, you’ll be taken by bus from the harbor down to the fascinating icescapes. There you’ll have access to its surrounding nature trails and the visitor center with access to educational information. At your own pace, familiarize yourself with your surroundings alongside helpful resources. 

The passionate tour specialists are skilled in offering the utmost vibrant exposure to Juneau’s culture. During each leg of the trip, your personal guide talks and walks you through compelling history and alluring sights you are setting your eyes on. 

Along with personalized tours from knowledgeable guides, trust the fact that all expeditions are triple-checked, making sure there are no conflicts with your cruise schedule. A return-to-ship guarantee alleviates any stress that the thought of missing your ship may bring. 

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Leave your Alaskan travel itinerary in specialized, trusted, and professional hands. With Alaska Shore Tours, rest assured that you are covered! Each customized and exciting excursion showcases the lure and fascination of the charming capital city, ensuring your time will create memories that last a lifetime.