6 Best Places To Visit In Australia

Australia is a perfect country for those who enjoy outdoor activities, water sports and breathtaking scenic spots. There you can find a pink lake, kangaroos in their natural habitat, famous and busy or deserted and peaceful beaches.

If you already wanted to know the country, after this list you will be even more tempted to buy a ticket there right now!

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a huge strip of coral located in Queensland. To get to know this Australian natural heritage, it is possible to dive with the small fish, turtles, and other sea creatures that live there or see it from above, through a helicopter ride over the largest living being on the planet. What to know in Australia: big coral reef

Whitsundays sands

Whitsundays is one of those places that you should go to at least once in your life. (preferably at the right time, because I went when it was a rainy weather that was sad!)

Be sure to take the sailing tour for a few nights at sea. Or at least a day trip from Airlie Beach, if your budget/time does not allow you to stay longer.

You will fall in love with Whitehaven, a dream beach, with white sand and crystal clear water. And of course, the Whitsundays postcard, the sand dunes under the water forming a design with different shades of blue. what to know in Australia: whitsundays

The Iconic Opera House

The Opera House is Australia’s postcard. Traveling to the country of kangaroos and not going there is like coming to Brazil and not going to Christ the Redeemer.

Be sure to go to the Opera Bar for a drink at the end of the day to watch the sunset overlooking the Harbor Bridge.what to know in Australia: opera house, Sydney

The Famous Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is Australia’s most famous beach and is 40 minutes from downtown Sydney. There you will find a mix of nationalities, many surfers, bars, cafes and delicious restaurants. The atmosphere of relaxation is enthralling.

The Pink Lake

This incredible pink-colored lake, Pink Lake, is located between Melbourne and Adelaide, in southern Australia.

There are some of these lakes in the world, including Australia. The most famous is in the southwest of the country, close to Perth.

Find out more about this lake here. Pink lake in Australia

Kangaroos in Morisset

Impossible to think of Australia without remembering the kangaroos. These marsupials are the symbol animal of the country and are friendly, although they can be quite aggressive when they feel threatened.

A great spot to spot them loose is in the gardens of Morisset Hospital. Check out more information here.